Chaveta Robusto- Blind Review #7

Welcome back!  We hope you will enjoy our seventh Blind Eye Cigar review.  We are pleased to announce a new sponsor for this review; Russ Page from Leaf and Flame cigar forum!  I’m also happy to have Eric from Stogies on the Rocks back for another review!

With each review, we will post some information from the video in a TL;DW (Too Long; Didn’t Watch) write-up.  This way, you don’t have to take notes!


Panel: Jeremy and Eric from Stogies on the Rocks

Cigar: Chaveta Robusto (5 x 52)

Manufacturer: Pinar Del Rio/La Fabrica Don Leoncio

Wrapper: Brazilian Bahia Maduro

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan

Price: $5.80

Smoke Time: 1 hr 55 min

Other Notes: I paired mine with REAL Coke (sugar cane),  Eric paired his with air, lit with a triple flame torch, cigar not revealed until the end of the review.

Appearance and Construction

As noted, the Chaveta Robustos smoked for this review were sent courtesy of Russ from Leaf and Flame Cigar Forum.  He is also a moderator on the sub-Reddit r/cigars.  Links to both are:

Thanks Russ!

The cigars had a slightly oily,  maduro shade wrapper with some prominent veins and solid feel.  It was a rugged looking cigar but felt well constructed with no cracks, tears, or soft spots. The most prominent vein followed the seam line of the wrapper. I went with a punch cut while Eric chose a straight cut.

The draw on both cigars was almost perfect!  Mine did start to tighten up at the end of the second third, but a quick snip with the cutter opened it right back up.

As I mentioned, the cigar did have some prominent veins, mainly a long stem that followed the seam of the wrapper.  This did give us both trouble as it just didn’t want to light.  I tried several times, as did Eric, to even up the burn line in the first third, but the vein impeded our success.  Once we got to the halfway point, it ceased to be an issue for Eric.  Mine never fully recovered and even caused a small piece of wrapper to unravel in the second third.

Overall, the ash was not very impressive.  Eric’s seemed to hold on rather well but was flaky.  The initial ash on mine held on for an inch but was also really flaky.  After that, it didn’t last more than a half-inch at a time.  Eric’s had quite a bit of tooth that was visible.  Mine was not able to form anything solid enough to show it.


These cigars had some very enjoyable flavors that make up for the wonky burn and flaky ash (honestly, if it doesn’t affect the flavor and draw, I  don’t really worry too much about an even burn or solid ash).  The first third had notes of savory meat, mild pepper, and cocoa that were very well-balanced.  I did pick up some salt towards the end of this section, but only faintly.

The second third continued with savory notes and mild salt.  I also got some toast and nut flavors as well.  The amount of flavor increased in this section as well.

In the final third, we both made sure to do a massive retrohale which brought out floral, savory, and pepper notes in full force.  I did have to relight my cigar in this section but it was a good thing.  There was some bitterness on a few puffs, but I purged it on the relight and they were gone!  We both smoked them down to under an inch.


The Chaveta Robusto was an overall medium strength cigar with med-full flavor.  In the final third the strength moved towards med-full and the flavor was definitely full when doing retrohales and right after.  Unlike the last review, there was definitely no lack of flavor here!


I would not hesitate to recommend this cigar to someone with one caveat; if you are a stickler for an even burn and a long, tight ash, this is not a cigar for you.  However, if you smoke cigars for the flavor and are not overly concerned with these things, then it is definitely worth a try, especially at this price.

Would I get a box?  Maybe not.  But I would certainly pick up a 5 pack.  I only found one online retailer, Tower Pipes and Cigars, who carries them.  In fact, the owner, Mark Just, is also the owner of this brand.  Check em out!

Did anyone guess what we were smoking?

Neither one of us guessed what the cigar was, but Eric did guess that some of the tobacco was Dominican.  He was pretty sure that the wrapper wasn’t DR but that either the binder, filler, or both were.  Good job sir!

I, on the other hand, thought the wrapper might be Ecuadorian Sumatra.  Wrong!  I agreed that there was Dominican tobacco but only because Eric mentioned it.  Maybe I’ll get better at this one day!

Other Info

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