10th Review Giveaway

So here it is!  The 10th review means it’s time for a cigar giveaway.  Please use the rafflecopter widget below to enter.

Here’s the overview:

We appreciate the support we’ve gotten from several in the cigar community.  We want to be able to give something back to the ones who have given us their support in one way or another.  So what better way to do that then to give away some cigars.  10 in fact!  But that’s not all…Havana Mix has thrown in a nice 10 cigar case along with 3 of the 10 cigars.

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The list of cigars includes:

  • 3 Beale St. Toros-Bass (Maduro), Rhythm (Sumatra), and Lead (Connecticut) Guitar
  • 1 Fuente Opus X Perfection #4
  • 1 My Father Le Bijiou Toro
  • 1 EP Carrillo Cardinal Maduro Robusto
  • 1 Padron Maduro Panatela
  • 1 Viaje Plantino Sueno
  • 1 Cro Magnon Mandible
  • 1 Tarazona XTC Robusto

If that wasn’t enough, there will be 2 bonus sticks added to the pot if the selected winner is a member of the r/cigars or Leaf and Flame community.  The “special prize” sticks are:

  • 1 Crowned Heads Four Kicks Limited Edition 2012 aka the Mule Kick
  • 1 Tatuaje Black Label Petite Lancero (from Sandy benefit box)

Why those two groups?  Because they have been very supportive of me and this site and I want to show them some extra love!

The only required action is to leave a comment on this post.  Be sure to tell us what cigar brand(s) you think you could identify if you smoked one without the band(s) and why.  By why, I mean, what is it about that brand that is so distinctive that you’d be able to know what it is without the usual advertising.  You must answer this question to be eligible.  ”Nice contest” doesn’t count!

To gain extra entries, please follow me and Havana Mix on Twitter, like Havana Mix on Facebook, and Tweet about the contest daily.

There is a bonus section where you need to list your username for either r/cigars, Leaf and Flame, or both if you have one.  If you do not have an active account (at least 10 posts in either forum/subreddit) you will not be eligible for the bonus sticks.  Yes, I will check!

The contest will last one week and the winner will be selected at random.  Sorry, but there is only one prize this time.  Please see the rules listed in the RC widget below.

Godspeed and good luck!

*By entering this contest, you confirm that you are of legal smoking age for the state/country you reside in.

*The rest of the rules are listed in the RC widget.

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  • http://twitter.com/MattSRoss81 Matt Ross

    Congrats, Jeremy. You’ve brought a unique perspective to the abundance of cigar review blogs out there! Keep it up!

    I’d definitely say the My Father Le Bijou Petit Robusto. That is quite possibly my favorite cigar and I’ve smoked so many of them that I’d like to think that I’d recognize the profile, along with that bit of signature spice, whenever I smoked it!

    • BlindEyeCigars

      Thanks Matt! We do what we can! Best of luck to you sir!

  • http://twitter.com/MMolter904 Michael Molter

    I could easily identify a Padron Anniversary series sans band. The box press, dark color, toothy leaf, scent, and flavor would be a drop dead giveaway.

  • http://twitter.com/massjacker Joel Quinn

    JDN Antano Dark Corojo El Martillo. Color, aroma, flavor, and the heavy strength…I’d know. My absolute favorite.

  • http://www.facebook.com/zachary.mello Zack Mello

    I can identify a Liga Privada #9. There is. Wonderfully spicy oily and chocolate essence that is only present in LP. It has such a unique flavor! It also has a perfect draw and an even more perfect burn. I could also identify an Avo Uvezian tubos #3. It is light and airy and has a wonderfully sweet flavor with the lightest hint of spice and cedar.

  • James Bodden

    I would have to go with a padron 1964 there is nothing like the taste of a padron and the 64 has a particular feel and shape

  • http://www.facebook.com/bharper805 Brad Harper

    I would have to say the Punch Champion Maduro. One because of the size, though easily confused with the AF Work of Art, and 2 because of the distictive smell. It smells more of dark cherry and earth than any cigar I have ever smoked.

  • Craig Berger

    I would have to say the My Father Le Bijou 1922 torpedo box press. Very good and consistent flavors, the draw seems very easy, and plus: box pressed torpedo shape :)

  • Shawn P

    I would say I can identify cigars from Illusione pretty well. Their construction and flavor profile are very familiar to me and all their cigars have a nice molasses/tobacco base flavor.

  • Ahmed Daher

    I think of Pepin blends as the easiest to identify without the band, because of the construction and pepper. Most of the hemingway line too. The profile would be easy enough, but the vitola would be a huge hint. Pretty much anything with distinctive physical characteristics (La Bomba, CAO America, etc) There are a handful of Tatuajes that I’ve smoked enough of that I’d probably recognize them by profile. z6joker9 from reddit el al.

  • http://twitter.com/fatkid1106 fatkid

    I am a brand new smoker and the only really unique cigar that i smoked that i might be able to pick out is the AB Tempus

  • Myfirstandlastname

    I know I could identify a my Father No.1 or No.2.. .They are my primary smoke and have a distinct creamy and spicy flavor that I have found nowhere else!

  • http://twitter.com/jtortmann Josh Ortmann

    Oliva serie O maduro. The creamy chocolaty nutiness of the first 2 thirds is nothing unique, but when it suddenly destroys my mouth in the final third I would know.

  • http://twitter.com/Smokes_Review Phillip Gibson

    Very cool giveaway. Love the blind review so keep it up!

    • BlindEyeCigars

      Be sure to answer the question in your reply. I’d hate for you to miss out!

  • QuikAF77

    I could identify a Tatuaje Havana VI as I smoke a lot of them and its flavor profile is so in alignment with what I enjoy

  • carstenosu

    I could identify the La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor. Awesome flavors of coffee and chocolate and the box press would help give it away.

  • http://twitter.com/ClarionCohibas BJ Kemmerer

    Any Opus X my nickname for it is Opi Dopi. This is my fav stick and there seems to be nothing like it. The full bodied flavor will make your head spin.

  • GMc

    Cool give a way. I always enjoy reading your reviews. The only cigar I
    think I could blindly identify is the T52. The flavor profile on that
    cigar is what I think a cigar “should” be. Also the Oliva Serie V, not
    many sticks open up with a blast of pepper like that, then mellow out so
    quickly. r/cigars u/skull_n_bones – leaf & flame: skullnbones

  • carter

    I’d say that an Undercrown would be easily identifiable from the house fire’s worth of smoke pouring off the top of it.

    reddit: bigcatohmy

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.godat Michael J Godat

    I could tell an El Cobre by Oliva in a heartbeat.
    The look, the feel, the strong aroma, spice on the cold draw with hints of earth and wood. The rustic but solid construction. And the the
    smoke, rich, full, high in vitamin N. These are like crack to me.

  • 007MI6

    I would have to say I would probably recognize a Monte Pascoal. The look and flavor profile have been very distinguishable to me.

    L&F: 007MI6

  • http://www.facebook.com/clint.villianous Clint Villianous

    Awesome contest.

    L&F: Hellnation
    Reddit: Hellnation

    • BlindEyeCigars


      Be sure to answer the question in your reply. I’d hate for you to miss out!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.smith.73 Nicholas Smith

    I think I could identify the Oliva ser v Melanio, the kristoff Corojo limitada, and the e.p. Carrillo inch.

    R/cigars- nescastlevania
    L&F- nescastlevania

  • http://profiles.google.com/theslats Matthew Slatosky

    ACID because … well … it should be obvious.

  • Greg

    I think I would recognize a Padron 3000 without the label, the taste is always so smooth and consistent.

  • Robert

    I could identify Fuente Hemingway Signature, Liga Privada Undercrown Corona Viva, La Gloria Cubana Serie R just because of how many I’ve smoked; I could identify probably three Acids – Toast, Mantra, and Cold Infusion Tea, just because of their distinctive flavors.

  • http://twitter.com/GarryCawthorn Garry

    I think i could identify Paul Stulacs cigars without the bands..

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.duncan1 Jeff Duncan

    I think I would be able to Identify the Foundry. It just had a very unique flavor up front that I dont pick up in other smokes.

  • Niddhogg

    I could identify a Nub Habano, both based on the shape (of course) but also because of the flavors!

    Reddit: niddhogg

  • Charley

    CAO MX2 and possibly CH Four Kicks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dlm04e Devin Monroe

    AF, the taste of an AF is unmistakeable to me.

  • halfway

    Great site and great giveaway

    • BlindEyeCigars

      Be sure to answer the question to be eligible to win. I would hate for you to miss out!

      • halfway

        Apparently I’m a turd

        I think I could pick out a Torano, especially a exodus 50 year.

  • tmmedic20

    Great contest!

    • BlindEyeCigars

      See the requirements above. You must answer the question to be eligible. I don’t want you to miss out!

  • gcarhart

    The AF Hemingway line is perfectly distinctive to me, I could pick one of those sticks out a thousand others.

  • Ben Johnson

    These all look really good, hope to win!

    • BlindEyeCigars

      See the requirements above. You must answer the question to be eligible. I don’t want you to miss out.

    • Ben Johnson

      my bad, just re-read the requirements. I think I could pick out a Perdomo Campaign series from a random selection. My r/cigars and L&F username is BennyJ. Thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/sapny spanish

    hope to win! Could probably identify the my father series.. love that nice creamy peppery flavor

  • Jerry Yamashita

    I’m pretty sure I could spot the EP Carrillo Maduro. His maduro wrappers are always the perfect blend of spicy and sweet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Thorpe/586231267 Dan Thorpe

    For me its the CAO Brazile. One of the first cigars that I bought exclusively in boxes. Such a great smoke.

  • StogieAddict

    The great flavor of the AF Hemingway Short Story makes it an easy cigar for me to pick out. Well-balanced with a great tingle on the tongue.. what a good smoke! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • http://twitter.com/dhandzdonaghy Brian Donaghy

    Definitely the Fuente Hemingway line. It was the first cigar I genuinely loved, and it will definitely be my first box purchase some day down the road. There’s just something so specific about that flavor palate, I could tell it with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back. Thanks for hosting this contest, by the way! Giving back to the community is an awesome thing to do, especially to a community like r/cigars that has given me so much. also, venganza24 on l&f and reddit. Thanks again!

  • Jeremy Pastin

    I could tell some of the Illusiones without band. I’ve smoked enough of them that I can even pick up differences in ages on some.

  • I_apineapple

    I would have to say Oliva Master Blends III, the look, feel, and flavour is distinctive. I’ve only just started my collection but feel that I’ll add more to my list with time.

  • bstar28

    Brand would be really tough for me since I’m pretty new to fine cigars and I’ve been trying a lot of different things. I think I could point out certain cigars in some of the brands. Out of what I’ve smoked I would have to say the Tabak Especials for obvious reasons. That’s the only flavored cigars I’ve tried and the sweetness and smell of them is a pretty big giveaway.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.britton.58 Adam Britton

    I don’t think I would be able to pick out anything but the infused stuff from DE having just started smoking a few months ago.

  • http://twitter.com/spomajom fraser

    i think the easiest for me to pick would be the DE mint java because it stands out a good bit. Other than that the partagas serie D no.4 because i’ve smoked a fair few, i find it hard to name flavours but the all round flavour would hopefully be noticed by me.
    great giveaway, really dig the blind reviews.

  • http://twitter.com/ReaganGlazier Reagan Glazier

    Would honestly love any of those quality smokes! Great taste boys.

  • Mike Helder

    I would love to try these!! I dont have a palate refined enough to be that good at picking sticks, so I am going to wuss out and go with the Kuba. Im pretty sure I could identify those!

    Leaf n Flame – Axemen
    /reddit – Axemen911

  • http://twitter.com/cryptical33 Jason Clark

    Nice selection, I think I could pick out an AF Anjeo, the cognac sweetness and the coco are very distinct. @cryptical33 r/cigars LnF

  • Keith Hittler

    I would be able to identify the Liga Privada Undercrown. For me it has a very unique flavor that I haven’t gotten out of any other smoke.

  • http://twitter.com/cjbottom Christopher Bottom

    I could probably tell a Ramon Bueso Genesis, DE LP Undercrown, Oliva V, DPG Blue Label & Tat Havana as I feel I could distinctly figure out. Ya never know till ya try

  • http://twitter.com/Necrojabberwock Justin Wilkinson

    I haven’t been smoking very long, so I’d probably only be able to pick out a Java Mint, Kuba Kuba, or possibly a CAO Cherrybomb.

  • Cigar Surgeon

    Unbanded from the list, the My Father. Only because I think the flavor profile stands out from the others.

    Standalone? Oliva Serie V Maduro. It’s one of my favorite series of cigars and I would recognize it in the first third.

  • http://twitter.com/TylerA_Cigars Tyler A.

    The only brand that comes to mind is probably 262. Specifically the Paradigm series. There is a certain flavor profile present that is unique, at least to me, consisting of cocoa and licorice. Great stick that is very memorable.

  • Dominic

    I would have to say the 601 Serie Blue Maduro would be a cigar I could identify if smoked band-less. On my pallet this cigar is a chocolate bomb! Only cigar I’v had had to date with that pronounced a chocolate flavor.

  • Josh Winters

    I could easily pick out any Jose Seijas cigar without a label. It’s the strong earth tones with hints of spices that make them one of my favorite smokes. A close 2nd would have to be the My Father Le Bijiou. I’m not exactly sure what it is about them but they have a distinct taste that I can’t quite put my finger on. Absolutely delicious!

  • mitzula

    I could probably pick out a patel sungrown since it’s my go to smoke, but other than that it would be a struggle for me to pick out any cigar blind

  • explosive_donut

    Thanks for the contest guys! I think I could probably pick out the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro without the wrapper, as well as the Man O War Ruination. I have smoked a fair number of both of these, and they are two of the cigars I can consistently pick out the subtle flavors for.

  • s5592c

    Royal Jamaican Gold from the late 90′s, excellent medium bodied with a taste of it’s own. I haven’t found any thing to match it.

  • Brandon Luna

    Undercrown Viva, I have smoked so many I can pick it out blind.

    • William Bauzon

      Good to see you around Brandon. Hope you’re doing well.

  • StogieAddict

    I think I could pick out the Ortega serie D just from it’s pepper blast and great flavor. Just thinking about it is making me want to go smoke one right now.

  • http://twitter.com/Paul03560418 Paul

    I think I may be able to identify an olivia master blend #3 manily because I’ve been smoking only those for the past month. Also a papas fritas for two reasons. 1. The oil on the wrapper has a distinct taste that I’ve never tasted before…almost want to say a fatty flavor. 2. They look so distinctive.

    • http://twitter.com/Paul03560418 Paul

      Reddit: cassanpj

  • William Bauzon

    I’d say the Undercrown Beli- the construction is always consistent and I get this raisin and syrup sweetness that are really distinct to me

  • Tyler

    Out of what I have smoked for me the most distinct of the bunch was the Four Kicks Robusto. The sweetness of the tobacco coupled with the minor pepper notes I got were a bit different an experience compared to some others I’ve smoked.

  • Daniel Wiese

    Padron 1964. Very distinctive pepper taste. Refined and smooth. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jonathon Townley

    I’m not sure if there’s a cigar that i’d easily be able to identify immediately. The closest I would say would probably be the Gurkha Legendary. Probably just because that’s the cigar I’ve had the most. Probably from first light I’d recognize it by the taste it leaves in the back of my throat.

  • Kilroy_1911

    For me it would have to be a Cuenca Y Blanco, in any of the smaller ring gauges. They have a flavor , that to me, I haven’t found in anything else.

  • Kevin

    It would have to be the Fuentes. Mostly because that is what I smoke the most often and have become familiar with.

    • Kevin

      Reddit: hiltk692

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=20611543 Chris White

    I know a lot of people are saying Fuentes, but it is true as I smoke quite a few. Also I would have to say Punch as the maduro petite corona is my go to smoke.

  • http://twitter.com/TheFenlon Matt Fenlon

    I think the Camacho 1118 would be easily identifiable. It has a very distinct shape and size.

  • Zane Gamble

    For me the one cigar I can usually pick out and have in a blink test with some friends is the DE Undercrown. The wrapper color plus the amount of smoke is a pretty easy give away.

  • randytrevor

    I think I would be able to identify a Tatuaje blindly. The combination of cedar, cocoa, coffee, and leather, with bite of pepper is pretty distinctive to me. Also any of the Liga privada, or undercrown cigars would easily be identifiable based on their flavors, look, and smoke production.

  • Jordan

    Blind? Liga Undercrown. I’ve smoked my weight in them.

  • bluearmy

    I’d nail down the Tat PL and the MF pretty easily I’d say. They’re fairly distinctive cigars. Thanks for the contest!

  • TheCasualCigar

    No doubt I could Identify an Oliva Melanio. Also the Padron Family Reserva’s would be pretty easy as well. Possibly a Quesada Jalapa too.